[Webcast] It’s safe to say… Interdependency needs Safety & Security

Please be invited to join our Webcast „It’s safe to say…: interdependency needs Safety & Security” that will be executed in cooperation with our partner Vector Software.

As already announced during our German session in June (recorded version available on YouTube), we will now execute the Webcast in English. In addition to a comparative analysis of different safety and security standards, we will explain which design principles and tools are helpful to meet safety standards and to implement certifications efficiently.

The lively participation in the seminar in June has shown us that the issue of security is more important than ever before, and that it is important to prematurely take into consideration security aspects in the design of the architecture and the systems based on it. The comparisons to avionics and IT security have shown that it is advisable to consider these two areas in the automotive industry. The use of a MILS OS is not compulsory by standards or recommendations but the positive effects are not to be dismissed – at the latest after this webcast.

And of course I will as well talk about our new cooperation with OSR, where PikeOS as integrated part of OSR´s multi-domain AI brain platform will be first time presented at the IAANew Mobility World in September.