Autonomous driving & safety concepts

Hello from the safetronic conference that has started in Stuttgart this morning. Autonomous driving and safety concepts regarding the ISO 26262 are the main topics here. More topics: Best practice for successful technical implementations Driver assistance systems and autonomous driving Potential solutions for Safety & Security Sven Nordhoff, Director Certification at SYSGO, will give a …

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Hacking the Paper Tiger

Certification. Certification is one word that puts a lot of people into a boredom and mental state of being in a swamp. This is definitely partly true. On the other hand a certification process is an analysis of a product from specific view angles. Sometimes these angles are fixed and rigid but sometimes agile and …

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How can PikeOS support your certification projects?

This was just one important topic that we discussed with over 30 participants at our (already second) SYSGO DAY in Moscow. Mainly people from Avionics and Industry joined the event and asked a lot of detailed questions during our certification presentation on how hypervisor technology can support their certification requirements. The event was rounded off …

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“What a fantastic webcast”

Winfried Schröder from Vector Software talking about the joint webcast with SYSGO: “What a fantastic and informative webcast about the use of multi-core CPU’s in safety-critical environments in ISO 26262 projects from Chris Berg and Ingo Nickles. The subject area was limited to automotive but a look at the overwhelming number of participants showed me …

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PikeOS running on the latest Renesas RCar H3 Generation

We presented PikeOS running on RCar H3 at the RCar Consortium Event in Tokyo. This year more than 200 companies attended that event organized by Renesas and including all present RCar Consortium partners and Renesas’ sales. The event counted around 500 people, discussing about new trends and technologies on top of Renesas hardware, which is …

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Automotive Networking Event 2017

An interesting VDI ELIV two day event finished with many good presentations about the vision different companies have about the automotive market. Get in touch with SYSGO to learn about our ideas. Hope to see you in Bonn next year (Oct. 18 – 19, 2017). Contact us

Will we have security in Industry 4.0 applications?

Industry 4.0 is an extremely interesting topic that once achieved will enable flexible production and re-configurable plants. During the Security Symposium 2016 all keynotes and presentations have an agreement that the current industrial automation pyramid will transform into mesh-network (see Figure 1). This network will enable to reconfigure the installed plant services into new and …

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2nd day at the ELIV conference

Good morning! I spent a great first day at the VDI ELIV conference in Baden-Baden. The presentations about automotive safety were informative and the trend for spending more effort on a holistic security approach is very present. Also the evening at the Schauspielhaus event was great.

Meet SYSGO at the ELIV Conference

Hi! The next two days I will be attending the VDI ELIV conference. Today’s introduction presentations were very promising and I’m looking forward to the security and safety sessions. If you want to talk or meet contact me by E-Mail or by phone +49.6136.9948-500.  

PikeOS using ISO 26262 SEooC Concepts

For the 15th time, the industry magazine HANSER automotive presents the international “safetronic – Safe Software and Hardware in the Automobile” trade fair in Stuttgart on November 8 and 9, 2016. On Wednesday, November 9, I will give a lecture on “Safety & Security when using an operating system with a segregation kernel as a …

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