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AMPERE Automotive mixed-criticality ERIKA PikeOS

Tackling mixed-criticality for Automotive

The rising number of ECUs in a car (already in the order of one hundred in luxury vehicles) together with the recent availability of powerful and inexpensive multi-core SoCs, has triggered the interest of automotive OEMs in centralizing the computing resources. The number of processing units in embedded chips is expected to grow, as do …

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Seamless IoT Protection – How to make connected Gateways secure

The electronic systems inside a modern car are able to take control over critical systems, such as the steering and braking gear. However, these systems are more and more connected as the complexity of autonomous cars is increasing. This has an impact on the Safety during the car’s operation, but at the same time exposes …

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SYSGO: ConCarExpo 2018

ConCarExpo 2018

I had the pleasure to attend with Franz Walkembach the international trade show CONCAR-EXPO 2018 on June 27th and 28th in Berlin. Close to 80 exhibitors were present at this trade show on automated driving, connected car and mobility solutions. SYSGO and Vector Informatik joined booth attracted quite a few visitors interested to learn about …

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