SYSGO talking at the AEE (Source: SYSGO)

Robert Pickles (SYSGO) talking at the AEE (Photo: SYSGO)


This week SYSGO was attending the AEE in Munich – the premier platform for the international avionics and aviation electronics industry to learn, network and source new information, products, technologies and services.

On day two we participated in the workshop “Operating Systems & Architecture”. My presentation about RTOS considerations for autonomous UAV was received well, especially our safe and secure RTOS slides for PikeOS. We showed a very high level presentation on the PikeOS concept for SMP based Multicore Processing with time partitioning by core, allowing full control of time, resource and core management for autonomous systems, where both safety and security are a must.

Do you want to know more about that topic? Please feel free to send us an email and ask for the presentation slides.