SYSGO @ Embedded Technology in Japan

Update 18.11.2016:img_5473
Today is the last day of the Embedded and IoT Technology 2016 with many very intensive discussions about hypervisor technology and we may consider a huge interest from different industries in Safe & Secure technologies.

In Japan there are a lot of automotive customers but as well railway and industry customers are interested in hypervisor technologies. Our hypervisor technology provided by our safe & secure RTOS PikeOS is in a leading position regarding flexibility and functionality.

Finally I would like to show you how people from our HW-partner TQ are celebrating their original Bavarian identity in Japan during their booth party.

Hope to see you next year on that great Japanese event or in case you have questions please contact us.

Update 16.11.2016:

The ET 2016 started today with a lot keynotes and presentations. We had already some interesting discussions about Hypervisor Technology and how we support several SoC today and in future.


Entry 15.11.2016:

Just a few hours ago we finished our booth preparation for the largest trade show in Japan – the Embedded Technology and IoT Technology. The event is taking place in Yokohama, Japan from November 16 – 18, 2016. Together with our local partner OTSL we will present SYSGO’s latest PikeOS version, our certification capabilities and our shared Graphic Demonstrator running on RCar H2 / H3.

Safety and Security requirements in embedded environments are getting more and more momentum and we expect a lot of very interesting discussions and customer contacts.

If you are addressing the Japanese or the Asian market, please feel free to contact me.