SYSGO PikeOS 5 – I have Five

PikeOS 5.0 simplifies Development and Certification of Safety and Security-critical Systems

At the embedded world 2020 we presented the latest version 5.0 of our real-time operating system PikeOS. New key features include expanded certification against all current safety and security standards, improved tools to accelerate development and improve user friendliness, and optimized support for multi-core systems. In addition, the number of partitions supported by the integrated…

embedded World 2020 Review

REVIEW: embedded world 2020

Following the motto “I have Five” we have presented the latest version 5.0 of our real-time operating system PikeOS. PikeOS 5 is addressing the Highest levels in Safety & Security Deterministic real-time performance Efficient use of multi-core architectures Faster time-to-market User-centric DIE Joint solutions (demonstrators) at the SYSGO boothFor the embedded world trade show three demonstrator…

SYSGO CAST32-A Multi-Core Aviation

CAST-32A: Multi-Core Ready to Become Airborne

Single-Core processors and controllers have been the de-facto standard for aviation software since the early beginnings when computers were utilized in flight systems. This is primarily due to their simple design and determinism of execution. At first glance, it seems comprehensible that a flight computer that takes control over a critical safety system should be dedicated to that task only. Certification authorities, such as the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), have substantiated that point of view by not allowing to certify flight systems that support more than one active processor core (RTCA/DO-254, Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware, published by RTCA Incorporated. The European denomination is EUROCAE ED-80).

Interested in technical stuff regarding the implementation of the demands of CAST-32A? Check out!

Tuxera brings VelocityFS to SYSGO’s PikeOS for exceptional automotive data handling

The partnership promises increased performance and advanced security for automotive storage systems Tuxera, the world-leading storage software and networking technology company, has announced its partnership with SYSGO, a European leader in embedded RTOS and hypervisor technology. The alliance comes as a response to the growing global demand for increasingly advanced embedded file system storage in…

Rapita technology supports SYSGO’s PikeOS

Rapita Systems (since April 2016 a Danlaw company) recently published a news mentioning the standardization of SYSGO on the use of RapiCover to automate structural coverage analysis of its real-time operating system PikeOS. SYSGO will be using RapiCover to verify structural coverage testing of upcoming versions of PikeOS, which is DO-178C DAL A certified. Dr.…

Aviation Electronics Europe Banner

SYSGO presenting ARINC 653 @ Avionics Expo

Avionics Expo is the leading event for aviation professionals. More than 50 exhibitors from 40 countries will present their products and solutions in Munich (March 12 – 13). This year you can meet SYSGO at booth A36. Come by and get an impression of the performance of PikeOS: we will demonstrate an ARINC 653 system…