Chris Berg

Chris Berg (Solutions Architect Automotive) has been working in the embedded industry for more than 15 years. Graduating in Physics Mr. Berg initially worked as an IC Design Engineer at Siemens and Infineon. Prior to SYSGO Mr. Berg held a position as Solutions Architect at processor vendor MIPS Technologies.

Knut Degen

Knut Degen (Founder & CEO) has setup SYSGO and guided the company from a small engineering team to a top level solution provider. Mr. Degen focuses on company strategy, research and technology. Prior to SYSGO Knut worked as a software developer for real-time operating systems). He holds a degree in Psychology of the University of Mainz.

Philipp Gorski

Mein Name ist Philipp Gorski und bin hier in Rostock verwurzelt. Ich habe an der Universität Rostock mein Studium zum Diplom-Ingenieur der Elektrotechnik abgeschlossen und bekam im Anschluss die Chance auf eine Promotion, welche ich erfolgreich wahrgenommen habe. Schon während des Studiums wurde ich auf die SYSGO AG in Rostock aufmerksam und habe mich 2015 als Entwickler beworben und bin seitdem Teil des SYSGO-Teams in Rostock, welches zu großen Teilen aus ehemaligen und aktuellen Studenten der Universität Rostock besteht.

Ciwan Gouma

Dr. Ciwan Gouma has been working more than 15 years as Business Unit Head, Vice President R&D Solutions and Integration and General Sales Manager for a large Consulting Company. During that time he was driving the establishment of entirely new business fields through innovative products or services, such as the establishment of automotive solution services in the sense of embedded or cyber physical systems. Ciwan worked within SYSGO´s Sales organisation for 5 years and with respect to SYSGO´s focus on Automotive he took over the new position as Manager Business Development Automotive in January 2017. Ciwan holds a degree as PhD in Electrical Engineering (Institute of Automation Technique) and is the Chairman of the BITKOM working group „Arbeitskreis Cyber Physical Systems“ since 2012.

Dorothee Hientzsch

Dorothee Hientzsch is Inside Sales Manager at SYSGO. Prior to her current position at SYSGO she has been working in sales, marketing and customer service for 10 years with focus on medical devices and services, electrical industry and embedded systems. Dorothee holds a master degree in political science and cultural anthropology.

Norbert Kuhrt

Norbert Kuhrt (Vice President Sales) has 20+ years of experience in sales in the embedded hard- and software market. Prior to SYSGO he covered sales responsibilities for several international regions and strategic key accounts at PEP Modular Computers (Kontron) and Wind River. Norbert holds a Dipl. Ing. degree in Information Technology and features additional experiences in Hardware Engineering, Project Management and Product Marketing.

Sven Nordhoff

Sven Nordhoff is responsible as “Director Certification” for certification of all safety-critical products at SYSGO AG. In this role he is responsible for management and coordination of projects/products, which need to be certified against DO-178B/C, EN 50128, IEC 61508, ISO 26262. He is in charge of communication with customers and certification authorities / notified bodies and participates to SYSGO internal process improvements of SW development, verification and validations processes. He holds a degree in computer science and has been working in the embedded industry for 20 years. Early on, he specialized in quality management, project planning and process quality and was responsible for the qualification of a huge amount of avionic systems from DAL A to D. He was, inter alia, coach for the avionics safety standards DO-178B/C, DO-254 and DO-278 and was a ISO15504/SPICE assessor for years. Sven is a member of the international Working Group DO-178C.

Mehmet Oezer

As a Solutions Architect at SYSGO AG, I’m responsible for providing software architecture solutions to customers with functional safety requirement in the railway, medical and industrial automation market. My projects involve software solutions that are required to meet the EN 50128 (railway), the ISO 62304 (medical) and EN 61508 (industrial) safety standards. I am also involved with custom security solutions for devices that guard against security attacks. I have studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt/Germany and have obtained a diploma degree in 1993. My first employment was about an RTOS, since that time I have remained faithful to the embedded market.

Sina Schäfer

Sina Schäfer is Digital Content Manager at SYSGO since 2009. She holds a diploma in business administration with a specialization on Marketing. Before her studies Sina worked in the Sales and Marketing Department of SCHOTT - a leading international technology group in the areas of specialty glass.

Peter-Cornelius Spaeth

Once being a software developer for industrial process controls, Peter-Cornelius Spaeth meanwhile has quite a history in sales in the embedded software industry. Lately he focused on software products that require publicly approved certifications - so joining SYSGO AG 18 months ago was a natural fit. As regional sales manager he is responsible for southeast Germany, Austria, eastern Europe and Russia.

Dr. Sergey Tverdyshev

Dr. Sergey Tverdyshev has accomplished his PhD on topic “Formal Verification of Gate-Level Computer Systems”. He worked on formal development and verification of hardware (microprocessors) and software (operating systems). He contributed in a research project on formal verification of Microsoft Hypervisor. Sergey has German accreditation for security Common Criteria evaluations. At SYSGO he is responsible for product security and defines PikeOS security portfolio. Sergey is the director R&T projects at SYSGO and is one of the founders and the technical leader of the European largescale R&D project EUROMILS.

Franz Walkembach

Franz Walkembach joined SYSGO in 2016 as VP Marketing & Product Strategy. In this role he is driving Marketing and Product Management activities as well as partner management at SYSGO. Franz Walkembach brings along over twentyfive years of experience in automotive and infotainment products and has held various positions in the areas of development, purchasing and product management. At Siemens VDO, he was head of product management and development for the Automotive Aftermarket Infotainment. Before joining SYSGO, he was Senior Manager Product Management in Automotive Solutions at Wind River. Franz Walkembach studied Mechatronics in Giessen, Germany, and holds a degree as Graduate Engineer.