SYSGO CAST32-A Multi-Core Aviation

CAST-32A: Multi-Core Ready to Become Airborne

Single-Core processors and controllers have been the de-facto standard for aviation software since the early beginnings when computers were utilized in flight systems. This is primarily due to their simple design and determinism of execution. At first glance, it seems comprehensible that a flight computer that takes control over a critical safety system should be dedicated to that task only. Certification authorities, such as the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), have substantiated that point of view by not allowing to certify flight systems that support more than one active processor core (RTCA/DO-254, Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware, published by RTCA Incorporated. The European denomination is EUROCAE ED-80).

Interested in technical stuff regarding the implementation of the demands of CAST-32A? Check out!

CertMILS in Railway

certMILS eases Security Certification of Railway Systems

In the latest issue of Global Railway Review, Dr. Sergey Tverdyshev (Director of Research & Technology at SYSGO) talks about security certifications of railway systems considering the MILS concept. He is the technical leader of the certMILS project – certMILS aims to protect critical infrastructure against cyber-attacks by compositional security certification to deliver a certified Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) platform. But how can this be applied to railway systems?

SYSGO and PikeOS in China – Training @ EPT

Our colleagues are currently on the road in China. One of the stops is a visit to our partner EPT. EPT (Shanghai E-Planet Technologies Co., Ltd. // is a high-tech engineering company focusing on embedded software solutions for the virtual cockpit of automobiles. EPT was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Shanghai with…

Tuxera brings VelocityFS to SYSGO’s PikeOS for exceptional automotive data handling

The partnership promises increased performance and advanced security for automotive storage systems Tuxera, the world-leading storage software and networking technology company, has announced its partnership with SYSGO, a European leader in embedded RTOS and hypervisor technology. The alliance comes as a response to the growing global demand for increasingly advanced embedded file system storage in…

SYSGO @ VHK Karrierebörse in Langen

Erstmalig unter neuer Firmierung (GmbH) präsentierte sich das gut gelaunte SYSGO-Team auf der VHK Karrierebörse in Langen. Rund 300 Studierende aus dem MINT-Bereich von ganz unterschiedlichen Hochschulen von Gießen bis Aschaffenburg besuchten die ganztägige Veranstaltung in der Langener Stadthalle. Wir konnten viele gute Gespräche führen und gute Kontakte zu Studierenden und Berufseinsteigern knüpfen. Caspar Gries,…

SYSGO’s recruitment team @ work

Last week SYSGO presented their brand new recruitment booth at two job fairs: the konaktiva in Darmstadt on May 7th, and the next career day in Saarbrücken on May 8th. With over 300 visitors in just two days, we are now in the process of following up on the most interesting talks and are conducting…